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Trend Micro UI

When my friend bought a new Acer laptop, he got a CD of Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 as “a bonus”. Since he preferred to use another antivirus that more familiar for himself, he gladly gave me his Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 CD. He knew that although I am not an antivirus expert, I like doing a “test” with so many antiviruses.

Trend Micro is not a new antivirus brand. Years ago, when I started to learn about computer, Trend Micro was one of antivirus brands that came into my knowledge besides Avira, Avast!, AVG, etc. But, Trend Micro itself is rarely used here in Indonesia (or at least in my environment or my surroundings).

I myself never use Trend Micro before my friend let me to install his Trend Micro CD into my own machine. At the first, I was quite unsure to replace my antivirus with Trend Micro. But I think, there will always be “the first time” for everything. Moreover, I have “tested” at least 8-10 different antiviruses in the last 5 years, but Trend Micro was not in my list yet. So I started to plant this antivirus into my Windows machine. Read the rest of this entry


Active Smart

The most common thing to be noticed in data security is the faulty on saving process. The data lost would cost “priceless”. So that why, many experts are trying to develop better technology to minimize the data lost. One of the technologies could be SMART (Self Monitoring Analysis Report and Technology), a program that was made to protect our data in the case of disk failure. SMART could protect our data by reducing the risk of data lost because it has an alarm to predict and notify us if there is something wrong with disk. Of course, we cannot imagine if our important data just gone before we have a time to back them up.

But now, the SMART technology may help us. SMART technology can help us to monitor, analyze, and give us a report about the hard disk’s condition such as the speed, performance, faulty sectors, etc. And one of the SMART technologies that we can rely on is ActiveSMART from Ariolic. This software is completely perfect. It can monitor our disk performance, faulty sectors, recalibration, CRC errors, drive spin-up time, drive heads, drive temperature, and abnormal disk behaviors. This application was made to meet the standard of best hard disks around the world, so it must be able to detect any disk condition for every disk types and brands.

ActiveSMART actives in the system tray and will keep show us notification(s) related to the disk condition such as the temperature change. Although it runs in the background, it consumes only a few amount of our memory. To open the main window, we can access it both from Windows Start Menu and by double-clicking the ActiveSMART icon in the system tray. Read the rest of this entry


Discover True Learning English


For weeks, I did a voluntary translation in my spare time for AVI ReComp, an application that its main function is “to merge” subtitle file into AVI video. I translated the interface of AVI ReComp into my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia, using POedit. POedit is a 5.35 MB CAT tools you can get from that is used to translate the PO file. PO file is usually included in a freeware or open source application that the author/developer let the users to take a part in developing that application such as in localizing the software (interface, help file, and even the installation language). The PO file of AVI ReComp is (usually) located in C:\Program Files\AVI ReComp\Locale\template.po. Through POedit, those PO file then will be saved as MO file, which later should be returned to the installation directory so that the application then have a new language (the newly translated one).

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Learning new vocabularies is never enough by remembering 5 to 10 new words everyday, but we need to measure our progress by practicing to use them. And so that why, we need this software.

Discover True Learning English

Do you still have problem with memorizing vocabularies?

Vocabularies as the main component of a foreign language are often so confusing to be memorized. Many techniques have been discovered to learn and memorize vocabularies quickly and simply. Some people may offer card-match technique or another method. But, if you still feel difficult to learn and memorize new vocabularies, you should try a software named VocabTest which will help you to memorize new vocabularies quickly and easily. Some features on this software are Multi-choice Test, Auto Progress, Daily Words, Random Wordlist, Lookup / Search, Word-Matching, and highlighting of error spelling.

With this software, you will learn a vocabulary, including the synonym, antonym, and the application on the sentences. To make it much more easier, you may build your own vocabulary list with your own sentences as the applied vocabulary on sentences.

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