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Time Stopper

Time Stopper

Running a trial software is annoying, especially when we can’t find the illegal serial number or crack on net. Usually, crackers or hackers—or whatever they might be called—do not pirate some “unpopular” but very useful applications, although some of them might be still interested to help minorities who use those “unpopular” applications.

So, I had experiences too. I had a software with 30-days trial time and I didn’t have much money to buy the license. I loved that software so much and I wanted to use it freely forever. But I was so unlucky: I didn’t find the serial numbers nor they keygen on net. Some of links that appeared on Google search result were 90% fake (only links that linked to other links), and 10% malware included—and I never like malware, so even if the keygen was working, I would never put my machine in danger!

Other experiences had finally led me to look for a save application that can “remove” any trial time from a trial-ware. The search was ended in Time Stopper. And I bet that you already know it. (more…)


Tired of manually creating squares to make a fun crossword? Try Crosswords!

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Crosswords Crossword Maker

CROSSWORDS. Just as its name, this application offers something related to crosswords. But it is not a crosswords game, it is a crosswords maker. Not only crosswords, it can create a word-search module too.

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