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Do you want to make an interactive multimedia-based digital test? Try Wondershare QuizCreator!

Discover True Learning English

Do you have a lot of questions you usually give to your students as a homework or worksheet at school? Are you tired and bored of wasting papers and ink to print the questions for your students? If so, you may try a software called “Wondershare Quiz Creator”. This proprietary application is so powerful to organize and share your “questions bank”.

Wondershare QuizCreator is a software developed by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd that focused on making, organizing, and sharing any kind of test such as true-false questions, multiple choices, multiple responses, fill in the blank, matching, sequence, word bank, click map, and short essay. Besides that, you can make a survey too, with categories: like scale, yes/no question, pick one/pick many, short answer, matching, ranking, which word, and essay. The interface is almost the same as Microsoft Office Suite’s interface, so it will make you comfort as working in Microsoft…

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