When it comes to talk about computer virus, it will never end, especially for Windows users. But commonly, people are understand that they can only have a sit and antivirus will take over the virus annihilation. Unfortunately, we can’t always trust our installed antivirus since the new viruses are growing almost every day. Some undetected viruses may have been existing in our computer and our antivirus misses them. Maybe because we never do a regular full scanning or because the antivirus is “paralyzed”.

But don’t worry. There are always helpful and handy tools on the net: portable antivirus.

Some of you may have heard about LiveCD antivirus or RescueCD, that is usually developed by the antivirus vendor. And through this post, I will share my experience in using one of portable antivirus: Avira PC Cleaner.

Avira PC Cleaner

For you, Avira users may have known this powerful tool. Avira PC Cleaner is not a permanent replacement for an antivirus itself, but it’s quite helpful to detect some hidden viruses if your installed antivirus can’t detect them. And, Avira PC Cleaner can only be used when your operating system is still alive. In the case of system crash which is make your Windows unable to start, please use Avira RescueCD.

I found Avira PC Cleaner as a light portable antivirus. It comes with simple UI and gives 2 options: scan system and full scan, where scan system only scans system area such as drive C and takes a short scanning time while full scan will scan the whole system and drives.

Avira PC Cleaner

At the first, when you download this tool from Avira’s web site, you may find that “the installer” is only 2 MB. But, actually, when you run this “installer”, it will download the real engine of the Avira PC Cleaner which is almost 1 GB (in my computer was written 0.98 GB), and will be “installed” into C:\Users\user’s name\AppData\Local\Temp\cleaner. Note: <user’s name=””> is your computer’s name. Mine is: C:\Users\ARTIST-X STUDIO\AppData\Local\Temp\cleaner.

After the download is complete, you can start the scanning process and wait for the result then take a proper action.

Avira PC Cleaner can then be “installed” into USB flash-drive through a simple link in the top left corner of the windows stated “Copy to USB Device” for a later use in other computers. But remember, every time you want to run a scan, it always try to update the database. If you are not connected to internet, you can always skip this step and continue the scan, although it is recommended to update it regularly or it will not be effective anymore.

Avira PC Cleaner

And at last, please put this in mind: if you are suspecting your computer as “infected”, you can always trust portable antivirus, and Avira PC Cleaner is one of the solutions. If you find this tool still “unhelpful”, you may try Avira RescueCD.

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