Should I Remove It

When we buy a new computer, sometimes we get third parties’ pre-installed software that sometimes we don’t really need them. Or maybe, we love to do an experiment by installing various software in our computer, without knowing whether the application is really needed or not.

To know whether the applications installed are really useful and needed or not, we do need an application that can analyze the application’s priority in our computer system. One of the applications that can do this is “Should I Remove It?”.A quite long and not really simple name for a software, isn’t it? However, its capability to detect useless applications in our computer is enjoyable. Besides it’s easy to install, this application is so “to the point” in analyzing and showing the list of installed application.

The ability to decide whether an application is useless or not is based on the rating and rank of the application itself. The rank creates a database of useful and useless applications for a system. That rank is gained from polling in a forum to determine the importance of a software. There is thousands of ranked software that can be read in the Should I Remove It? official website.

Apart from the rating of the installed software, Should I Remove It? also offers us to dig more information about the usage of a software through its website.

On its official website,, we can read further about applications that are determined as needed and not needed. Not only that, there we can see the users’ favorite application from all around the world together with their rating and popularity. So, we can get knowledge about alternative software too.
Should I Remove It? can also be used as uninstaller. Just point to the software that we want to remove on the application’s main windows, then click Uninstall.

You can share your thought about an application too. Your opinion will be moderated by the Should I Remove It? staff(s) before your thought is published.

However, the opinion, thought, and the rank of a software is not an official standard of choosing or installing a particular software. In fact, we usually need (or have been more familiar with) a software that is listed by Should I Remove It? as useless software. For me, this 1.16 MB application is just an effective “complementary” software that will help me to monitor the installation traffic on my Windows machine and prevent me from taking care of a useless software.

Moreover, if we look at its installer size, its low-resource consumption, its user-friendly interface, and its double function (as an uninstaller too), Should I Remove It? is worth a try.

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