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Bitdefender UI

Who don’t know “Bitdefender”? An antivirus program that mostly sits on the first position of best antivirus reviews. The #1 antivirus that wins every awards. The #1 antivirus with great features and tools. No doubt at all to run it on our system to protect our daily computing.

The price is always a “relative” matter. It’s true. You can say that an antivirus program is “cheap”—although it’s priced hundred of Dollars or Euros—but rich of usable functions and give maximum protection and good services from technical support team. On the contrary, a program will remain “expensive”—although it’s priced 20 or 30 Dollars—if it’s only burden your system, lack of potential features, too many pop-ups, etc. Bitdefender is “literally” very expensive for me since I never have special budget for an antivirus program. But luckily, I “won” 9 Free Months of Bitdefender Internet Security—a giveaway program from Bitdefender and Softpedia, and I also got 6 month of Bitdefender Total Security free use from the same program last October. So I tested them and here is my short conclusion about Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 and Bitdefender Total Security 2014 (later, I just call them as “BDIS” and “BDTS”). Read the rest of this entry