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Who don’t know “Bitdefender”? An antivirus program that mostly sits on the first position of best antivirus reviews. The #1 antivirus that wins every awards. The #1 antivirus with great features and tools. No doubt at all to run it on our system to protect our daily computing.

The price is always a “relative” matter. It’s true. You can say that an antivirus program is “cheap”—although it’s priced hundred of Dollars or Euros—but rich of usable functions and give maximum protection and good services from technical support team. On the contrary, a program will remain “expensive”—although it’s priced 20 or 30 Dollars—if it’s only burden your system, lack of potential features, too many pop-ups, etc. Bitdefender is “literally” very expensive for me since I never have special budget for an antivirus program. But luckily, I “won” 9 Free Months of Bitdefender Internet Security—a giveaway program from Bitdefender and Softpedia, and I also got 6 month of Bitdefender Total Security free use from the same program last October. So I tested them and here is my short conclusion about Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 and Bitdefender Total Security 2014 (later, I just call them as “BDIS” and “BDTS”).

BDIS installation

My first impression about installing BDIS 2014 was about uninstalling several security products in my computer. The first application that Bitdefender tried to remove was my Norton Identity Safe. After a short restart, Bitdefender asked me (again) to remove Avast! Free Antivirus and asked for another restart. It commonly happens when we install security product into our system while another security program’s process still running.

The first installation—right after the installation process finished—made my computer crashed. I didn’t know what kind of things that made my PC went “blue” and then “died”. So I reinstall my PC and for a while, I installed Avast! again. I was afraid that I would make my PC crashed again. So I returned to Avast! and “waiting” for “better moment” to reinstall BDIS (actually, I waited until my Avast!’s subscription being expired).

Installing BDIS 2014 online was hard for me, since I had no stable and fast internet connection at home. Luckily, I got a help from my friend who helped me to download + 400 MB Bitdefender offline installer from his office’s computer.

I did an offline installation that took some minutes because BDIS needed to do a short scanning during the installation.

Bitdefender Installation

And in the end of installation and short scan process, my BDIS caught some viruses that stayed in my system. Some viruses that might be “missed” by my previous antivirus programs.

Bitdefender Scan Result

BDIS user interface

BDIS has very intuitive, elegant, and tidy user interface with a very impressive color mixture of dominant black with green and (sky) blue. From its main window, BDIS shows its general features: Antivirus, Privacy, Firewall, Update, Antispam, Safego, Parental Control, and Wallet. And no adds (because I have seen a paid version of antivirus program with adds).

Autopilot mode

The default setting of BDIS is its “autopilot mode” that will help users to do nothing with their antivirus program. Program settings, virus disinfection, update process, etc. will be done without users’ intervention. Users just need to have a sit and do whatever they want using their computer. Only in some cases, users need to take proper action regarding to the system state such as failed to disinfect virus from files, so users need to take action, whether to quarantine or delete the infected items manually.

With Autoscan turned on, there is hardly any need to manually run scans for malware. Autoscan will scan your computer over and over again, taking appropriate actions when malware is detected. Autoscan runs only when enough system resources are available so as not to slow down the computer.

BDIS has also been supplied with its basic powerful and smart settings. So, although you don’t customize settings parameter, BDIS will secure your PC as well. Nothing need to be changed in settings area, except you want to set your BDIS into more “aggressive” engine!

Antivirus program

BDIS has Quick Scan, System Scan (full system scan, scan the whole computer’s drives), Manage Scan (schedule custom scan), Vulnerability Scan (check for vulnerabilities on our computer such as obsolete programs, weak user account’s password, new Windows updates, etc.), and Rescue Mode (scanning computer in “isolated” environment, it’s like accessing Windows through Linux-based antivirus’ LiveCD, such as Bitdefender RescueCD).

Bitdefender Scan

Does your antivirus have integrated Rescue Mode function, or is it a separated feature that you need to download or even buy for it?


Privacy is another important thing besides secure browsing. Sometimes, we do not want other people to know what stuffs that have been deleted from our computer. So, Bitdefender provides “File Shredder” function.

Bitdefender Privacy

For a full-controlled privacies, BDIS also provides antiphishing feature, chat encryption, and data protection.


Safego is a feature that mainly to protect your Facebook-ing activities. It secures your wall from malicious links and prevents you from clicking them.

Parental control

Parental control is very important, especially for parents. This feature can help them to ensure that their kids’ computing activities are safe and well-monitored.

Bitdefender parental control

Before we can use this feature, we must configure and link this feature with the devices used by our children, including should be linked to their Facebook account. By linking or connecting our Bitdefender, we can protect our children from many forms of “cyber attack” such as bullying, spamming, malicious links, etc.


Good and strong passwords are often difficult to remember. The fault in placing our credentials, means a fatal thing. Good and strong password should be different each other. One password for one site, and must not be similar.

Bitdefender wallet

Of course, there are so many reliable password “protectors” on the net and some of them are free. But, if you are already running BDIS or BDTS, you do not need to install any third party password manager application. Bitdefender Wallet is more than enough. It covers website password collection, online banking, e-mail client password collection, application, and Wi-Fi network password.

BDTS installation and features

Bitdefender Total Security (BDTS) has the same installation mechanism. If you are already running another security product, it will ask for you to uninstall it first, then BDTS will continue its installation after system restart. Then, the installation process will be the same as BDIS installation.

And talking about the features, BDTS has the same features as BDIS, but there are three additional features that BDIS doesn’t have: Safebox, File Encryption, and TuneUp. And also “Safepay”. These additional features are very essential in today’s computing habit.


it is served as a cloud storage to save or to backup our important files. We get 2 GB free disk space and later we can upgrade the space according to our needs.

File Encryption

As today’s computing isn’t safe enough from the spying and pirating eyes, file encryption is a must. It’s a luck for you if you install BDTS on your computer, because BDTS brings a file encryption feature.

Bitdefender encryption

Bitdefender encryption

Bitdefender encryption

To encrypt files or folders, you can set from File Encryption Menu – Add files to vault. After that, on the next window choose your files (add target). Then, create a new vault (if you don’t have it before), followed by setting vault parameter (path, drive letter, password to lock). Once you finished, you can lock the vault from the Bitdefender user interface and see your vault with Bitdefender icon in your preferred saving path (that you’ve configured it before).


Bitdefender Tuneup

As we know, our computing activities are always leave so many traces and junks. And to keep our computer runs fast and stable, we need to clean those traces and junks regularly. It’s a luck for BDTS users, because BDTS place PC Tuneup in its feature line.


Safepay is “an isolated” browser environment specialized for online banking and other online transactions. It’s safer to do online transactions inside of this environment than through ordinary browsers.

Protection after uninstall

Bitdefender is awesome. It does protection even after we uninstall it! This is what I love: livelong support. When we uninstall Bitdefender, we will get option to “uninstall and stay protected”. If we choose this option, Bitdefender will install Bitdefender 60-seconds virus scanner. It is a free application that uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to detect malicious programs and threats in less than 60 seconds.

You can continue using the application even if you reinstall Bitdefender or you install any other antivirus program on your system.

If you are running Google Chrome browser and you want to try this feature without installing one of Bitdefender products, you can search and install Bitdefender 60-seconds as an extension from Google’s web store.

Memory consumption

Although BDIS and BDTS are considered to bring the best protection, they are consuming memory in “moderate” level. My PC takes quite long time to start up and ready to work. The scanning process (especially the full system scan) is also consumes a lot of memory, so I’d like to suggest you to do full system scan when the PC is not in usage only. But, for a device scan (e.g. 8 to 16 GB USB flash-disk), it runs pretty fast.

If you don’t have up-to-date PC specification, please consider to read the minimum system requirement first, before installing BDIS or BDTS.

Overall score

For the features completeness and their usage, the ability in doing thorough protection, the technical supports, and the after-sales service, I give 8 as the score of BDIS and 9 for the BDTS, from 1 to 10 scale range.

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      Thank you for visiting and commenting. It’s my pleasure to know that my review is useful for you. Your website is also awesome. Thanks 😀

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