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On my previous post I wrote about NRG to ISO, a free application to convert Nero image files into standard image file (ISO). This tiny portable application is very helpful for Windows user, especially for unintentional image conversion.

To do similar image conversion, Windows users have a lot of options—a lot of alternatives—but mostly, professional image converters are expensive proprietary software with a very limited time trial and or only a demo software with a very limited file size to be converted.

On the contrary, if you are a Linux user, you might be much luckier because there are a lot of free similar image converter in your software center. I myself rely on AcetoneISO under my PCLinuxOS machine.

Main Features

AcetoneISO is a CD/DVD image manipulator that can mount, convert, generate, and extract a lot of image files. For converting feature, AcetoneISO can convert many image files into ISO, including from MacOS image into ISO. For specific image conversion, you’ll sometimes need to install additional add-on (e.g. PowerISO). But don’t worry, all stuffs are already available in the software center. Moreover, AcetoneISO will also offer to download and install the add-on directly from its main UI.

AcetoneISO key features:

Mount image, Convert image, Generate image, Extract image, Compress image, Split image, Encrypt image

AcetoneISO is also capable to split and compress image file for easy sharing. And later, AcetoneISO can help us to re-merge the splitted image. Besides splitting and compressing the image file, AcetoneISO also offers image encrypting to secure our image files. It can be very useful for internal data sharing.

Additional Rare Features

As an image manipulator software, AcetoneISO can also rip a DVD to Xvid AVI, convert FLV to Xvid AVI, and download video both from Youtube and Metacafe. It’s amazing!