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Bitdefender UI

Who don’t know “Bitdefender”? An antivirus program that mostly sits on the first position of best antivirus reviews. The #1 antivirus that wins every awards. The #1 antivirus with great features and tools. No doubt at all to run it on our system to protect our daily computing.

The price is always a “relative” matter. It’s true. You can say that an antivirus program is “cheap”—although it’s priced hundred of Dollars or Euros—but rich of usable functions and give maximum protection and good services from technical support team. On the contrary, a program will remain “expensive”—although it’s priced 20 or 30 Dollars—if it’s only burden your system, lack of potential features, too many pop-ups, etc. Bitdefender is “literally” very expensive for me since I never have special budget for an antivirus program. But luckily, I “won” 9 Free Months of Bitdefender Internet Security—a giveaway program from Bitdefender and Softpedia, and I also got 6 month of Bitdefender Total Security free use from the same program last October. So I tested them and here is my short conclusion about Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 and Bitdefender Total Security 2014 (later, I just call them as “BDIS” and “BDTS”). Read the rest of this entry


Long time before I put my trust in Avast! Free Antivirus, I used Symantec Antivirus (Corporate Edition), Norton Antivirus, Avira Personal Edition, Vipre Premium, Comodo Internet Security, and Roboscan. All were used—at least—for 1 year. And in the beginning of this year, I tried to use Trend Micro Internet Security 2014—only for 1 week because it was slowing down my machine! So, finally I returned to Avast!

Read my post about my experience in using Trend Micro Internet Security 2014 here:

I had seen Avast! Free Antivirus in my friend’s computer a few years before I familiarized myself with it. And for almost 2 years recently, I run Avast! and always install it whenever my friends or my neighbors ask for quick, light, and reliable antivirus. Avast! is not an ordinary free antivirus. It has some superiorities than its competitors. It is totally a simple and powerful free antivirus in the market. It also light and “sharp”.

The stuffs that I love (and you’ll love them too)

User interface. First of all, the user interface of an antivirus can’t really be denied as an important thing to be considered. Avast! has all best UI categories: simple, intuitive, and easy access even for newbie.

Avast UI

Active protection. The active protection covers 3 functions: file system shield, mail shield (to scan incoming and outgoing POP3 and IMAP4 e-mail, including the connection that is used), and web shield (to secure our daily online activities by blocking malware URLs, site blocking, script scanning, etc.).

Scanning preferences. When I let Avast! to run in its basic scanning preferences, it runs smooth. Even when I changed the parameters for optimum scanning, such as set the sensitivity, heuristic level, and scanning priority, I got no problem at all. No massive memory consumption. No lag. No crash or “not responding” label in any windows during the scanning process.

Customizing scanning preferences and antivirus parameters are easy to do. All scanning modes can be set easily to increase the power and sharpness of Avast!. We can choose the default scanning mode and schedule it to run in a specific time to ensure that our system is well protected. There are 5 scanning modes that we can customize to meet our needs: basic scan, full system scan, removable media scan (also integrated with Windows Explorer), select folder to scan (also integrated with Windows Explorer), and boot-time scan. Read the rest of this entry


When it comes to talk about computer virus, it will never end, especially for Windows users. But commonly, people are understand that they can only have a sit and antivirus will take over the virus annihilation. Unfortunately, we can’t always trust our installed antivirus since the new viruses are growing almost every day. Some undetected viruses may have been existing in our computer and our antivirus misses them. Maybe because we never do a regular full scanning or because the antivirus is “paralyzed”.

But don’t worry. There are always helpful and handy tools on the net: portable antivirus.

Some of you may have heard about LiveCD antivirus or RescueCD, that is usually developed by the antivirus vendor. And through this post, I will share my experience in using one of portable antivirus: Avira PC Cleaner.

Avira PC Cleaner

For you, Avira users may have known this powerful tool. Avira PC Cleaner is not a permanent replacement for an antivirus itself, but it’s quite helpful to detect some hidden viruses if your installed antivirus can’t detect them. And, Avira PC Cleaner can only be used when your operating system is still alive. In the case of system crash which is make your Windows unable to start, please use Avira RescueCD.

I found Avira PC Cleaner as a light portable antivirus. It comes with simple UI and gives 2 options: scan system and full scan, where scan system only scans system area such as drive C and takes a short scanning time while full scan will scan the whole system and drives. Read the rest of this entry


Trend Micro UI

When my friend bought a new Acer laptop, he got a CD of Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 as “a bonus”. Since he preferred to use another antivirus that more familiar for himself, he gladly gave me his Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 CD. He knew that although I am not an antivirus expert, I like doing a “test” with so many antiviruses.

Trend Micro is not a new antivirus brand. Years ago, when I started to learn about computer, Trend Micro was one of antivirus brands that came into my knowledge besides Avira, Avast!, AVG, etc. But, Trend Micro itself is rarely used here in Indonesia (or at least in my environment or my surroundings).

I myself never use Trend Micro before my friend let me to install his Trend Micro CD into my own machine. At the first, I was quite unsure to replace my antivirus with Trend Micro. But I think, there will always be “the first time” for everything. Moreover, I have “tested” at least 8-10 different antiviruses in the last 5 years, but Trend Micro was not in my list yet. So I started to plant this antivirus into my Windows machine. Read the rest of this entry