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Warzone 2100

Mostly, non-Linux users—especially Windows users—recognize Linux as a complex and complicated operating system with lack of compatibility to common file formats. The way to run Linux is also “difficult”, where the users need to remember and understand a lot of commands on terminal, build a package by themselves, or do some “tricky” things to gain satisfaction, etc. But, above of those all, Linux  has no (“crack-able”) cool games! And it’s frustrating enough!

Typically, I’m not a gamer. But when I’m bored, I used to play some games on my Windows-based PC. I like playing Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empire, and the similar games. But sometimes, I need to work on my Linux-based netbook and no time to switch to my Windows machine. Unfortunately, my PLinuxOS machine only offers flash-based games, card games, platform games, and some “confusing” games—I said so because some games’ concept in Linux are hard to be understood, or maybe because I’m not smart enough to read the hints J

Years ago, when I was running Ubuntu, I installed 0AD game (if I’m not mistaken, it was still in beta version). As today I’m running PCLinuxOS, I need something new. Thanks God, besides 0AD, there is also Warzone 2100 in PCLinuxOS repository. So I installed Warzone and I “tested” it. Read the rest of this entry


This trick could be an old boring trick which you have read somewhere else. I posted this game “cheat” just for something not really important (read: just for fun).

Well, Minesweeper is an old Microsoft game. If I am not mistaken, the first time I saw it was several years ago when I saw the computers were still running Windows 98. I don’t know, maybe Minesweeper had been existing even before that version of Windows.

Minesweeper is a fun but frustrating game (for me). I have a very bad memory capability so I can’t solve Minesweeper even the easiest level! But now, I have an idea about how to win even the hardest level! How could?

First of all, just play the Minesweeper. Play your best, till you find the mines (the bombs). When you find the mines, you will get “lost notification” window. Don’t close it or make any confirmation (exit, restart, play again). Move the window somewhere else. You will see that Windows uncover the pattern. Capture it using “Print Screen SysRq” button on your keyboard. Paste it (Ctrl + V) into Ms. Word or any other text processors, and then crop the captured image until fit the Minesweeper window. You can use screen capture application too.


Look! All the mines are now uncovered. Now, open all covered squares securely!

Now you have the pattern. You can see which squares that are covering the mines. So from now on, you can count your steps to avoid the squares with mines. And after you have the pattern, it’s time to restart the game and follow the pattern. Remember, RESTART THIS GAME. Don’t EXIT or PLAY AGAIN. Because the pattern will change!


Another “fair” way to win this game is by understanding the pattern of numbers that appear. You can read it in Minesweeper’s help menu. Try it!